Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yet another winter!

One day maybe we'll live somewhere where the weather isn't year-round winter...until then, we're just trying to enjoy the snow. We packed Nathan up in his snow suit and boots and took him out for about the third snow of the year. Of course, we were able to add snow to the list of things he's scared of, but the pictures still turned out pretty cute :o) I love his red snowsuit against the bright white snow!

PS--I wish I had time to edit pictures and play with fun effects. Maybe when I'm done with school!?

I tried to get more pictures with Mitch, but he didn't want any more (I tease him that his yellow coat looks like the sun...Modern Family reference, of course!)

We are excited for Thanksgiving! I couldn't handle the stress of traveling this year (and I don't know that our poor car could have, either!), so we're staying here. My sister Camille will be here in just a few hours! I'm so excited and so glad she's coming down from Provo to be with us, even though it's been a lot of effort on her part. We are also inviting our friends Thane and Shelby, our neighbor (whose wife has to work...he was going to make a turkey sandwich and call it good! I don't think so!), and Camille has a friend coming. So we'll have 7 1/2 people! Awesome! (Nathan only eats like half a person...)

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  1. Love that last picture Alaina! He's so cute. And I can't believe he is afraid of snow!


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