Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kinda feelin' Amish

Woo hoo! Was that a fun blogging hiatus, or what?

Kidding. I've missed blogging. And internet. And my computer. 

I guess I'm not quite Amish, but I feel more technology-deprived than I've been in awhile! I guess it makes a difference that I'm in school and use the computer constantly for that.
And facebook. And blogging.

Last week we got about 2 days' notice that we were moving. We found the PERFECT place, and our current complex was in high demand, so finding a replacement tenant is not a problem. We made a decision to jump on this perfect little home before someone else got to call it theirs. Now that we're settled, I can't imagine not living here. I'll miss our old apartment: it was our first place together after we got married and we brought our first baby home there. I'd be lying if I didn't say I cried a bit. So did my best friend, whose little family moved out about a week before us from their apartment across the porch from us. 

More about the move later. I have a lot of blogging to catch up with!

Over the next week, expect posts of:
1) the move (including pictures of our sweet little duplex...hopefully!)
3) GG & Papa Dooley's (Nathan's grandparents') weekend visit
4) Nathan's birthday party (woo hoo! It was SO fun!)
5) Nathan, anxiety, school, jobs, life updates

...All with pictures, of course!

Our internet is brought to you by the owners of this duplex, whom we share internet with. They could not be more awesome.

We moved in on October 28th-29th, with lots of help from lots of great friends. The 28th was a Friday, and we found out we were moving just two days before! We had two days to pack up two years' worth of stuff and transfer it all! Oh, and it was midterm week, and the week before Halloween, Nathan's birthday, and Nathan's party. Talk about STRESS! Again, I'll get to that.

Since we moved in, we've been using the owner's wireless signal for Internet on our phones and Mitch's laptop. But, there's something about my desktop that just makes things feel normal. Not feeling an actual mouse in my hand and seeing all my files for over a week just made me stress!

We ordered a cheap-o, college-budget-friendly computer desk (thank you, walmart.com), which I'm proud to say is now sitting near its future home, to be built tomorrow. Then we'll move my the home computer to that side of the room. However, we had no idea how we'd get internet to the thing. The only ethernet jack was all the way across the room, in the middle of the wall, and I'd already hidden it with a frame! Luckily, my husband knows technology much better than I do, and he found this little guy...
...begging to come home with him this evening. SCORE! Now our CPU has wireless internet feeding into it. It is FAST and reliable and makes our home computer just mobile enough to put it where we want! I had no idea this technology existed!

I'm rambling. Thanks for reading. Here's a sneak peek of Nathan's birthday evening at our new house:
Aww, Nathan and daddy...can you say CUTE!?

We honestly guessed he'd be scared of wrapping paper...turns out he LOVED unwrapping gifts!


  1. Wireless is the best, isn't it?! Can't wait to see photos of your new place.

  2. YAY you're back! Can't wait to read all about your new place, and Nathan's birthday and hear and update on the Dooleys! (No pressure or anything haha sanity and school come first).

  3. Love those spur of the moment deals. On many occasions it has sent us driving all over town looking for one thing in particular. Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

  4. I just added a sentence to my post about Jessica's birth after reading your comment. You are so right and I can not believe I left that critical piece of info out! Congrats on the new house!!!!!!!!


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