Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nathan's first birthday party: presents and cake!

Woo hoo, the rest of the birthday party!

Only a couple weeks late, right?

Mitch and his friends are having a guys' night in front of the xbox...what else for a girl to do but blog? 

My sweet sister-in-law, Dani, accompanied Nathan and I to Toys R Us during the beginning of their guys' night...yes, it's STILL going on, several hours later, Dani! Thanks for the fun night; Nathan would've been a disaster had I been by myself!

Turns out, when you're a baby scared of everything, Toys R Us isn't that fun...more like petrifying!
But, they were having a great sale, and his Christmas shopping is now done, so woo hoo!

Onto the party!

(Not all the presents; just what I fit in the frame. All of his filled the fireplace!)
Nathan had several presents in attendance, even though all of the givers couldn't be there! He had gifts from both sets of grandparents, his great-grandparents, and all of his aunts and uncles! What a lucky guy. Guess that's what happens when you're the lucky first grandbaby on both sides!

Reading a birthday card with mom

Working so hard to open the paper!

Wow, paper hides fun things!

Look, GG and Papa!

Working so hard to open all the presents...

Awesome :o)
A football!

Opening the "big one"!

A big train! (It's a cool walker and ride-on!)
GG & Papa putting the train together :o)

Yay! So big!

This is how you do it...

I can do it!
Nathan's friends just loved his train! It's a big hit when we get together :o)

Nathan's horsey from his great-grandparents pushed him a bit over the edge that day, excitement-wise!

But his friends sure loved it!

Cowgirl Annelyse :o)
She even had her cowgirl boots on that day to match!
More train fun!

Now for the cake!
And a buncha more pictures! 

...are you ready?

MY FAVORITE! I love his little face when he sees the cake being handed to him by daddy :o)

holding those hands back as he tries to grab the candle

Mommy will blow it out

He SO knew what to do! He picked off a polka dot and into his mouth it went!

Nummies! ("food" in our house)


Love you!

Sitting below his big print...just to show how big it was :o)

clapping with his messy hands

Talking to someone about his mess

Yep, that's frosting in his ear...

That's all I let him eat...when I took it away, he was a bit upset, but then found that he had enough on his tray to keep him happy!

Gross amounts of spillover!

Yumm!! ...You're kinda gross, buddy! 

We love you, buddy! Happy birthday! Thanks to everyone who came and sent gifts!

PS--we just found out that NONE of his first birthday videos actually recorded...HUGE bummer. We have no idea what happened, but I'm taking the video camera and its cord & memory card in to see if the videos can be recovered!


  1. He is so cute! The cake looked great. I am excited for Addie's first birthday!

  2. How cute! I love his facial expressions and how he dug right into that cake. You are a brave momma to let him go to town. Love the rocking horse too!

    P.S. This is Candis - for some reason it says my gmail is not allowed access to this page.

  3. So adorable! You did a great job at putting everything together, it looks like a million dollars and the adorable child helps!


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